2018. March 1, Thurs.

I've been working out with a trainer since September. We aren't as consistent as I would like, but I'm seeing good gains and he is, it's fine. 

He recently visited the Bed & Breakfast owned by one of his mentors who is an accomplished fellow Howard alumnus and former NFL player. Darryl Haley has a weekly segment on WHUR 96.3 known as "Fitness Friday:" Last week Darryl interviewed me briefly about eat with JB & Meal Prep. The segment will air tomorrow morning during the Steve Harvey Morning show at 3 different times. 

I have a bad habit of mentioning things that are kind of a big deal very casually. The fact that thousands of people outside of my modest mailing list and knockin' on 2,000 Instagram followers will hear about the work that I do weekly is huge. HUGE. The exposure makes me as nervous as it does eager. Now, I need to get an interview with Steve...   

2018. February 12, Mon.


On Saturday Food & Wine tweeted a Maple Curry Ketchup recipe that they emphasized we all "need to try." Sounds dynamic to me so I tag a fellow food lover in the tweet and she agreed that we, in fact, do need to try it! 

I wanted the ketchup to be my Saturday "project" as most of its ingredients were in the pantry and the gloomy weather called for cooking. The gloomy weather sucked me into other things so the ketchup became my Monday project instead. 

The recipe is easy and straight forward but must be read in its entirety. Toward the end (which I occasionally ignore in an anxious frenzy to get started), you are to refrigerate the ketchup so "all those flavors can really get to know each other." 

I made the ketchup with ease. I tasted it and was moderately satisfied, but immediately began thinking of things I would do to make it spicier. After letting the ketchup sit out for an hour or so to cool before refrigeration, I tasted it again. The way those flavors danced on my tongue in a way they didn't initially made me re-read the recipe.

The elevation of taste after the rest was a learning moment--sometimes you have to let things settle to fully appreciate them.

Having to draw arrows on the photo to denote which scars were newest is its own problem. 

Having to draw arrows on the photo to denote which scars were newest is its own problem. 

2018. February 7, Wed.

"You see my battle scars?"

"I'm in the kitchen puttin' in that work! Look!" *shows off 'decorated' forearms*

I was once told that cuts and burns are signs of an irresponsible cook. I could not fully appreciate what that person meant until I cut and burned myself thrice in one week. Annoyed is an understatement. I burned my arm twice within the same hour, on the same arm, in the same oven, while doing the same task...taking things out of the oven too quickly. I cut terribly into my index finger while chopping tortillas to make chips...moving too fast, yet again. 

Cooking efficiently requires practice and skill. I won't always get it right but with practice I hope to always get it a little better than last time. These preventable missteps in the past week make "cool stories" but they aren't good practice. I have to be move quickly when i work, but I can still be careful. I HAVE to be more careful. 

I'm decorated enough. No more scars. I know better. 

I catered my first Thanksgiving, for which I bought a new deep fryer to fry my first turkey. 

I've been baking a lot more in my "down time" at an overnight gig at the only gluten free bakery in D.C. 

I spent SO much time at  my neighborhood farmer's market in 2017...and I'm viciously awaiting its return. 

I discovered an Amish Market and my life hasn't been the same since. 


I'll tell you about everything...just let me catch up.